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Latest News: Save the dates for the III Anticancer Drugs Conference  (September 12-13, 2014. Buenos Aires, Argentina).  See  PICTURES  from the SPEAKERS that participated in the II Meeting.
Anticancer drugs

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Renowed international experts in key areas of anticancer drugs gave lectures during the conference.


The final conference book is under preparation and it will be published online in an open access journal and  available as a PDF file.









Invited Speakers

(in alphabetical order)



Abstract title



Andreassi, Marco




Lycopene Activity in vitro and in topical preparations (Marco Andreassi)


Aksoy, Hasan Mete & Celebi Osman





Topical use of natural polyphenols (PilonolR for the treatment of sacrococcygeal pilonidal disease (Hasan Mete Aksoy; Berna Aksoy; Omer Vefik Ozozan; Osma Celebi)


Attia, Sabry





Use of centromeric and telomeric DNA probes for evaluation of the mechanism of genotoxic potential of several anticancer drugs and intervention of natural products against genotoxic effects of these drugs (Attia, Sabry M)


Engel-Lutz, Nadja





Plant extracts with anti-proliferative and anti-adhesive properties on breast cancer cell lines (Engel, Nadja, PhD; Chwalisz, Marina; Kragl, Udo; Falodun, Abiodun; Nebe, Barbara)


Gowder, Sivakumar

(Saudi Arabia)



Anticancer Drug and renal toxicity (Sivakumar Gowder)



Heiskanen, Arto





Real time monitoring of the dynamic in cellular redox environment - development of a tool for charactherizing cellular pathogenesis and high throuput screening (Arto Heiskanen)


Jaktaji, Jalal pouahmad




Biological reactive intermediates that mediates dacarbazine cytotoxicity (Jalal Pourahmad)


Jeandet, Philippe (Moderator)





Biological activity and anticancer effects of resveratrol and related plant stilbenes (Jeandet, Philippe; Delanouis, Bertrand; Cordelier Sylvain; Adrian, Marielle; Pannetier, Bertrand; Clement, Christophe; Courot , Eric)


Kralova, Jarmila (Moderator)

(Check Republic)



New approach to versatile drug delivery and multimodal cancer therapy (Kralova, Jarmila; Pouckova, Pavla; Kejík, Zdenek; Kral, Vladimír)


Matsui, Chiemi






The charactherization of stem/progenitor cells on pancreatic ductal epithelium as cells-of-origin of cancer stem cells (Chiemi Matsui; Momotaro Ishikawa; Keisuke Sekine; Sayaka Nagahisa; Hideki Taniguchi)


Melado Vidales, Laura





Hormone therapy in breast cancer and treatments in elderly patients not suitable for surgery or neoadyuvancy (Laura Melado Vidales)


Melendez Martinez, Enrique

(Puerto Rico)




Host-Guest Interactions between Calixarenes and Cp2NbCl2 Anticancer Drug (Morales, A; Santana, A; Althoff, G; Melendez, E)


Molina-Trinidad, Eva Maria







188Re-lanreotide: Determination of Radiopharmacokinetics Parameters in rats in the therapy of hepatocarcinoma (Eva M. Molina-Trinidad; Consuelo Arteaga de Murphy; Helgi Jung-Cook ; Eduardo Murphy Stack; Martha Pedraza-López; José Luis Morales-Márquez; Guadalupe Vertiz Serrano)


Parker, Lorien Jane






The anti-cancer drug chlorambucil as a substrate for the human polymorphic enzyme glutathione transferase P1-1 (Lorien J. Parker; Sarah Ciccone; Louis C. Italiano; Alessandra primavera; Aaron J. Oakley; Craig C. Morton; Nancy C. Hancock; Maio Lo Bello; Michael W. Parker)


Reddy, Varattur Dayal




Discovery and Synthesis of Novel Organometallic Ruthenium-Carbohydrate Complexes as Anticancer Agents (Reddy, Varattur Dayal)


Rusin, Aleksandra




Synthetic conjugates of genistein affecting proliferation and mitosis of cancer cells (Aleksandra Rusin)


Sadeghi, Hojjat




Novel anthraquinones for anticancer purposes: synthesis and biological evaluation (Sadeghi-aliabadi Hojjat; Tabarzadi Maryam; Zarghi Afshin)

Sakamaki, Toshiyuki




ERBB2 down regulates MIR-205 in breast cancer (ToshiyukiSakamaki)



Schinkothe, Timo

 - Improving patient recruitment and compliance for clinical trials by direct including into recruitment process (Timo Schinkothe)


Su, Chin-Cheng




Anticancer effects of tanshinone IIA for human breast cancer MDA-MB-231 cells (Chin-Cheng Su)


Tako, Masakuni




Oversulfated acetyl fucoidan induced apoptosis against U937 cells (Tako, Masakuni and Teruya, Takeshi)


Terentien, Alexei A.





Cytotoxicity of aminonitroxyl complexes of tetravalent platinum (Alexei A. Terentiev; Vasilli D. Senj; Natalia V. Komleva; Galina V. Kostyuk; Andrei V. Ivanov; Igor I. Parkhomenko; Yurii I. Mitrokhin; Irina V. Balalaeva)


Thompson, Joao Carlos




Post.pneumonectomy thoracic drainage: to drain or not to drain? A retrospective study (Joao Carlos Thompson; Olavo franco Ferreira Filho)


Vadgama, Jay (Moderator)





Effect of selenium in combination with Adriamycin or Taxol on several different cancer cells (Vadgama, Jay; Wu, Yanyuan; Shen, Dejun Hsia; Stanely, Block James)


Voloudakis, George E.




Extra-long projections of the cell surface in nonspecial-type ductal carcinoma with vascular invasion under the scanning electron microscope (George Voloudakis)


Warnecke-Eberz, Ute





Identification of a response-predictive gene expression panel for neoadjuvant radiochemotherapy in esophageal cancer (Warnecke-Eberz, U.; Bollschweiter, E.: Drebber, U.; Holscher, A.H.; Metzger, R.)


Yakisich, J. Sebastian (Closing Speech)




Anticancer Drugs With Pan-killer Activity & Novel 2 Phase Treatment for Cancer (Delwar, Zahid M; Avramidids, Dimitrios; Siden, Ake; Cruz, Mabel; Yakisich, J. Sebastian)


Zarrelli, Armando




New C-23 modified of silbyn and 2,3-dehidrosilbyn: synthesis and preliminary evaluation of antioxidant properties (Armando Zarrelli; Alessandro Sgambato; Marina Della Greca; Lornzo De Napoli; Lucio Previtera; Giovanni Di Favio)








Anticancer drugs

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