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Anticancer drugs

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Yakisich, J Sebastian, MD, PhD. (Sweden/USA)




Dr Yakisich received his M.D. from University of Buenos Aires (1994) and his Ph.D. in Neurology from the Karolinska Institute (2005). He received postdoctoral training at the Health Science Center (Texas A&M University, TX, USA).


He was appointed Forskarassistent (Research Associate, Project Leader) at the Department of Clinical Neuroscience,  Karolinska Institute (Stockholm, Sweden) in 2008.


He also serves as reviewers of several scientific journal and is Editor-In-Chief of Drugs & Therapy Studies.


Dr. Yakisich's group has developed new concepts and strategies for cancer treatment:


Regrowth concentration zero (RC0)

Pankiller drugs, Read the article (PDF)

Stemness Phenotype Model  of glioma biology. Read the article (PDF)

Two phases treatment (2FT) to eliminate drug-surviving cells as strategy to prevent tumor relapse. Read the article (PDF)


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Anticancer drugs

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